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DIY decal pendants: I am in love. (via)

DIY printable Spectrespecs!

This is an amazing DIY Harry Potter wand tutorial, made from just paper & hot glue! (via)

How to fold a hexagon box for your chocolate frogs.
{image from here}

Father’s Day gift idea: an easy D-A-D standing photo frame using card stock and paper clips!

Father’s Day card Idea: Using a light-weight map, patterned paper, or homemade coupon, send off some pro-Dad greetings with this Paper Airplane card template from Martha. (via)

This is a great card for the kids to make! Take two photos (or two copies of the same one) and glue them together with a piece of string in between. Bonus points for a heartfelt message written in kid speak :)

Wrap up that present in style with these Father’s Day Shirt & Tie gift boxes by Paper Crave! (via)

Father’s Day card idea: write a simple message to dad on this unique Dress Shirt Card, complete with tie.