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Two Harry Potter robe-like shirts: number one, and number two.


DIY Shorts made using men’s oxford shirts featured on threadbanger
Here’s a nice way to reuse large button down shirts. Turn them into wearable and polished shorts ! Use this tutorial to create statementmaking apparel. I can’t wait to raid my brother’s closet that’s jam packed with shirts that he does not wear ; )

(via heatherhazelcouture)

Wrap up that present in style with these Father’s Day Shirt & Tie gift boxes by Paper Crave! (via)

Father’s Day card idea: write a simple message to dad on this unique Dress Shirt Card, complete with tie. 


cute origami shirt (instructions on youtube). Would you make one?

Easy (cheap) Father’s Day present, anyone? 



Future DIY project.


T-shirt Scarves: The Art of Repurposing | Just Something I Made

This might be a good thing to make in lieu of my long-abandoned t-shirt quilt. Chopped-up t-shirts fit my sartorial aesthetic a bit better than my home-decor aesthetic.